6 tips on how to prepare for new doors or windows

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It’s all in the preparation and when installation day is looming, what needs to be done? You don’t want to find out too late what should have been put in place. Read our 6 top tips on how to prepare for your new doors or windows.

Tips for installation day

Check the date of delivery to make sure you are on-site or have someone that can allow the installers access to the property. If you’re unsure please call 01234 342669.  

Check the arrival time to make sure we are not delivering during heavy traffic eg school drop-off/pick up.

Please make sure there is plenty of parking access for the team when they arrive. Your new doors and windows are precious cargo and they need to have the minimum distance to the installation destination. This helps to minimise and avoid any damage to the profiles and glazing.

If installing on a new build site or larger renovation project please make sure access to the area is clear of any building work or rubble.

Please ensure there is access to electricity as the installers may need this.

If you currently have security alarms or wires near the replacement profile area you will need to prepare the area beforehand. This requires your security provider to disconnect or remove them prior to installation. If this work is not carried out it can slow the installation and lead to more delays.

Don’t forget to arrange a time for reconnection with your security company once the windows are installed. 

Make sure all curtains and blinds are removed and cleared from the area. It is also a good idea to move furniture (chairs, sofas or bookcases) that are within proximity. If this is not possible make sure they are covered with sheets helping to keep dust to a minimum.

If the new profile is to be installed near overhanging foliage, please make sure you have cut back enough so the installation can take place without damaging any of your plants. Ensure any pots, wall decorations, or garden furniture are placed away from the area approx 3 meters.

Tips for During the Installation

You do not have to remain on-site at all times. We will notify you of any changes. However, if you do please bear in mind the noise and dust.

If you have children at home during the installation we kindly ask that you supervise them at all times. 

In order to keep your pets safe, we recommend leaving them in another room or with friends/family. The installation should only take 1, 2 or 3 days. Although, this can depend on the amount of glazing to be installed.

Tips After the installation

Once the installation is complete one of the team will walk you through how to operate your brand new windows or doors.

You can ask any final installation questions you may have and point out any areas of concern. If you have any further queries you can always contact us at 01234 342669 or book a service call to schedule a more convenient time.

Unfortunately, the replacement of old windows and doors will leave patches of plaster and paint that will require attention. Although we try and keep this to a minimum you will need to redecorate once installation has been completed. 

As the profiles are made to fit the opening and therefore the exterior brickwork should not need to be repaired.

You don’t need to worry about the disposal of your old doors or windows as we will remove these for you. All old frames are collected from our factory by local recycling companies that recycle 100% of our waste. 

You can read more about this in our Total Installer article 


We hope our top tips have helped with your preparations and what happens next.

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