Our Story

At Bedford Bi-folds we believe there is a better way to provide cost-effective quality products to the trade and retail industry. So we set out in search of company’s that design more than just doors or windows. In search of brands that are about us and have values that are suited to our own. Equally driven by innovation and understanding that being cost-effective did not mean you needed to compromise on aesthetics and build.

It is not just about us but our customer collaboration as well

Customers and the cause we serve

Our mission is to deliver a door or window system that is thermally & energy efficient. One that insulates and seals the gaps from heat loss within the home.

With rising heating costs, it is ever more apparent that when heating your home during autumn and winter you are using the best quality material and glazing to help reduce costs.

It must be in our DNA!

Bedford Bi-folds is a family-owned and family-driven business that succeeds because everyone brings a unique skill into the business. Founded in 2015 the company has gone from strength to strength with Johnny, Garry, Kevin, Lynne and Leigh Umney running every aspect of the business. More recently Philip has joined the team, making it a real family affair.

Working together has brought an understanding of one another’s strengths and we pride ourselves in being involved in each order’s journey from the start to the finish line. Being hands and working within the flow and with our work colleagues gives us insight into maintaining the success of the business.

Ensuring we are all working efficiently, smartly and with our customer’s best interests in mind.

Ideas are in our DNA

We are constantly looking out for new innovations in the industry that improve the quality of the build for the homeowner.

Innovation is not just about us, it flows as one of our core aims

Our Aims

Dedicated to meeting on time deliveries: Our customers expect the highest of service delivery, and why shouldn’t they?
Working smartly ensures that we meet delivery deadlines.
Craftmanship to the highest of standards and quality: Our customers deserve the very best and our stringent quality checks builds customer confidence and craftmanship excellence.

Our Core Values

Going above and beyond: Delivering a seamless order experience.
Delivering our very best in all we do: Holding ourselves accountable for results.
Being passionate: Using our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire each other.
Our values say quite a lot about us


We’re always asking “what can we do to make the project better?”


Working at 110% to find the most innovative products. That not only fit our customer’s aims but our aims and values too!


Working as a family business brings us closer together. Combined with a great team, makes it a collaboration of ingenuity,  creativity and a dash of fun.


We’re always listening to the customer so we can improve our services.

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