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Reynears CF 68 Sliding Folding Doors

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The Key Designs

It would be a shame to have a home with a great panoramic view which you cannot enjoy because it’s blocked by brickwork. So this is where Reynears CF 68 Sliding Folding Doors can transform your view – and, with it, your life.

These systems comprise anything from one to seven leaves and fold open inwards or outwards. They can still feature what you’d consider a main door, an individually-functioning entrance door. That would be equipped with a handle on both sides so that it could be accessed from the outside.

Reynears CF 68 Sliding Doors are designed and engineered to withstand British weather. But they are also designed to be robust enough to withstand heavy and long-term use by ham-fisted occupants and visitors!

Versatile design options

Available in a number of configurations using between 2 and 7 door leaves, you can specify a design where all the door leaves stack to the same side, or a design where some stack one way and some the other. Choose whether you want the doors to open in or out, and remember that designs with a single traffic door enable you to slip quickly and easily into the garden, while leaving the other doors in place.

Innovative features and benefits

  • Great thermal insulation down to 1.1 W/m2K
  • Glazing thickness up to 55 mm
  • Security to British and European standards includingSecured by Design
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Four threshold options
  • Water resistance up to 600 Pa
  • 2 to 7 door leaves
  • Maximum height 2500 mm
  • Maximum door leaf width 1000 mm
  • High spec stainless steel rollers

Threshold options

The CF 68 can be specified with any of four different threshold options:
  • High performance
  • Double weather seal
  • Low threshold
  • Flat bottom
Each threshold option gives a trade-off between weather performance and ease of passage. The High Performance option offers the best air, wind and water performance but has the highest threshold step. The double weather-seal solution combines good weather resistance with a lower threshold. The low threshold option can be set into the floor to meet the requirements of building regulations, and the flat bottom solution allows easy passage with no step at all, but this is at the expense of weather-proofing.

Technical characteristics

CF68 Technical


CF68 Performance
This table shows classes and values of performance, which can be achieved for specific configurations and opening types.
(1) The Ud value measures the heat flow. The lower the Ud value, the better the thermal performance of the door.
(2) The air-tightness test measures the volume of air that would pass through a closed door at a certain air pressure.
(3) The water-tightness test involves applying a uniform water spray at increasing air pressure until water penetrates the door.
(4) The wind load resistance test is a measure of the profile’s structural strength and involves applying increasing levels of air pressure to simulate wind force.
(5) The burglar resistance is tested using static and dynamic loads, as well as simulated attempts to break in using specified tools. This variant requires specific burglar resistant accessories.
(6) Please refer to Reynaers’ CE passport for all technical data including size limitations.
(*) Value for HI-variant.
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