Hörmann Entrance Doors and Fittings

Solid steel or aluminium front doors with RC3 security equipment as standard. Flush-fitted doors for a low cill entrance and low threshold.

Why choose Hörmann

They have been supplying and creating high-quality aluminium and steel entrance doors since 1935. In our opinion, these are some of the best doors available for thermal and acoustic insulation.

With new door styles and preferred colour choices, the aesthetic look is modern, and sophisticated and enhances any building with its eye-catching appeal.

You can view product dimensions, maximum sizes, energy efficiency, thresholds and glazing options in our Thermo Door and Aluminium Door brochures below. You can also view the Hörmann door fittings available.

If you have any queries or questions please contact us or call 01234 342669.

Hörmann Thermo65 / Thermo46

Our Hörmann entrance doors have outstanding acoustic performance that reduces street noise to room level.

Security features that ensure longevity. The Thermo65 and Thermo46 have break-in-resistance locking for increased security. Please enquire about the optional RC2 security equipment.

Our fire-rated doors are also an ideal option for between the garage and your living space.

Hörmann Aluminium Entrance Doors

ThermoSafe, ThermoSafe Hybrid, ThermoPlan Hybrid and ThermoCarbon entrance doors give you an exquisite and elegant look to the exterior and interior of your home.

All doors have very good thermal insulation. 

10-year* warranty on all Hörmann aluminium entrance doors

Hörmann Entrance Door Fittings

View the Hörmann door fittings available, from the rose handle to the exclusive Hörmann design handle “Komé” in cooperation with Rand. 


High-quality entrance doors

Solid, secure doors that combine steel or aluminium clean lines with exceptional thermal performance. Keeping you and your home safe while giving a great first impression to any entrance into your home.

Don’t forget to review all your door hardware options in the Door Fittings Brochure

Hörmann video

Watch the Thermo video from our brand supplier.

View the Thermo range of steel doors available and discover which one works for you and your home.

If you would like to view our range of doors please request an appointment and we will get back to you asap!

Product Features

Technical Features:

  • Energy Efficiency as low as .47W/m²K
  • All doors are 65mm thick
  • Fire-resistance door option
  • Black.edition door fittings
  • High-quality construction components

Brochures for THERMO65 / THERMO46 showcase more information for you to digest. 

The Aluminium Brochure highlights the many variations and options in the aluminium range of doors: ThermoSafe, ThermoSafe Hybrid, ThermoPlan Hybrid, Thermo Carbon, TopComfort.


Standard and Preferred colours

To view, more colours for the Thermo range refer to page 34. To review more colours for the Aluminium range view page 78.

Standard colour

  • RAL 9016 Traffic white

Preferred colours, fine structure matt

  • RAL 9016 Traffic white (high-gloss)
  • RAL 9006 White aluminium (silk-gloss)
  • RAL 8028 Terra brown
  • RAL 7040 Window grey
  • RAL 7035 Light grey
  • RAL 7030 Stone grey
  • RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
  • RAL 7015 Slate grey
  • RAL 6009 Fir green
  • RAL 6005 Moss green
  • RAL 3003 Ruby red


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