Integral Blinds

All our blind control systems are made by the award-winning company Morley Glass. We also have one of their demonstration pods on display in our Bedford showroom. Why not request an appointment to find out more.

What Is An Integral Blind Control System?

Integral blind systems replace the need to have blinds or curtains fitted over your doors and windows. Leaving clean lines and further enhancing your doors and windows, giving them a feature in the home rather than hidden when the sun goes down.

Vertical or pleated blinds are placed within a double glazed door or window unit. There are 3 different control options available and it is really down to your preference as to the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Eco-friendly option

For the eco-friendly homeowner, our W Smart system is a battery-operated motorised Venetian blind, equipped with an external energy saving solar panel that recharges the batteries.

Manual control

Our manually operated blinds offer the choice of a cord, rotational knob or wand (C System), or a cordless slider (SV System). They are all easy to operate and allow the blinds to be raised, lowered and, in the case of Venetian blinds, tilted effortlessly. The operating mechanisms are stylish and unobtrusive and are manufactured to the highest standard for long term performance and ease of use.

Motorised integral blinds

Motorised blinds can be operated individually, or you can synchronise the movements of groups of up to 12 blinds for simultaneous raising and lowering. All developed with a unique control box for motorised blinds, which eliminates installation issues and provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for control at your fingertips. They are pre-wired and tested making it a faster, hassle-free installation.

Integral Blind Demonstration Pod

We’re pleased to add a brand new Morley Glass demonstration pod to our showroom. Specifically for our customers to see and feel the difference between each control system.

Control Systems

Learn more about the integral blind systems and see which one fulfills your needs. It’s a personal choice which is why we have more than one!

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