C Blind System​

C Blind Control System

Cordless slider integral blind control system

The Corded Uni-Blind is a patented magnetic system enabling the manual operation of Venetian blinds incorporated within the 20, 22, 27 or 29mm cavity of insulating glass units.

With this system, the slat raising, lowering and tilting function is achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission through
the glass, thereby guaranteeing the double-glazed unit’s hermetic seal.

C Blind System Main Features

Innovation is built in

A continuous cord loop drives the external magnet, which controls the raising and lowering of the blind.
The cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner and fully complies with the British Blind and Shutter Association – ‘Make it Safe’ campaign.

The system is operated by either a wand, cord or a rotional knob. Neither one method works better than the other and it really comes down to personal choice.

SL20 C venetian Blind Control System

Two set of magnets work together to provide this functionality – one is inserted in the blind head rail within the cavity and the other applied to the external glass surface.

C System Manual Control

Want to know more about the C Blind system download the brochure or why not visit our showroom and see for yourself how the system works.

Discover which one works for you!

Not the right System?

We have two other integral blind systems available if this one does not work for you.

SV Blind Control System

W Smart Blind Control System


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