CP 130 Sliding Door

Reynears CP 130 Sliding Doors

CP 130

The Key Designs

Bedford Bi-Folds supplies Reynears CP 130 Sliding Doors which are available with single, double or triple-track systems.They are ideal for those of us who are blessed with great panoramic views. And those who love our gardens so much that we’re reluctant to be prised out of them. With the expanse of glass that Reynears CP 130 Sliding Doors afford suddenly you can remain warm indoors yet seemingly be amongst your prized dahlias. That’s because the solutions are designed to utilise huge panes of glass that admit lots of natural daylight

Reynears CP 130 Sliding Doors are innovative, rapidly-assembled and installed, and life-transforming. They boast innovative flush-finish hardware, elegant and slim sightlines, and massive glazed panels. They are easy-to-use. The Reynears CP 130 Sliding Doors fitted with lift-and-slide mechanisms have longer handles which, as they are turned through 180 degrees, lift the door slightly to reducing the friction and allow it to open or close with the lightest of touches.


Letting the outside in

A sliding door opens up a multitude of possibilities. Open this door just a few centimetres for a little fresh air, a little wider to slip out into the garden or open it all the way to really let the outside in. This versatile door creates an extra feeling of space and generates more natural light within the home

CP 130 Slide and CP 130 Lift & Slide

All types of CP 130 sliding door use durable, stainless steel wheels and rails for ease of operation. In the case of the lift and slide system, the sliding door is lifted slightly before opening or closing. This reduces the friction and makes the operation smooth and effortless. In the closed position, the lift and slide door is lowered onto the track, providing additional weather resist

Monorail, duo rail or 3-rail

A monorail system combines a moving part with a fixed glazed element that is anchored directly into the outer frame profile for a minimalistic look. The fixed pane is normally set to the inside of the track and is internally beaded.
A duo rail system integrates two glazed opening vents with an identical appearance, giving an aesthetically pleasing and versatile sliding door. Both vents can be made as sliding elements, giving total flexibility.
A 3-rail system makes it possible for a third opening vent to be installed. This solution allows the user to slide door leaves one and two behind leaf three, opening up two-thirds of the width to the garden.
3 Rail

Technical characteristics


CP 130-LS open corner system

Designed exclusively for the CP 130-LS duo rail system, this clever corner system comprises two sliding units that meet at a corner. Closed, the thick double weather gaskets protect against the elements; slide the two doors apart to open up the whole corner with no fixed corner post to get in the way or obstruct the view.


This table shows classes and values of performances which can be achieved for specific configurations and opening types.
(1) The Uf-value measures the heat flow. The lower the Uf-value, the better the thermal insulation of the frame.
(2) This table shows classes and values of performances which can be achieved for specific configurations and opening types.
(3) The air-tightness test measures the volume of air that would pass through a closed window at a certain air pressure.
(4) The water-tightness test involves applying a uniform water spray at increasing air pressure until water penetrates the window.
(5) The wind load resistance is a measure of the profile’s structural strength and is tested by applying increasing levels of air pressure to simulate the wind force.
(6) The burglar resistance is tested by static and dynamic loads, as well as by simulated attempts to break in using specified tools. This variant requires specific burglar resistance accessories.
(7) Please refer to Reynaers’ CE passport for all technical data including size limitations
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