Aluminium Bi Folding Doors

The folding and sliding doors which Bedford Bi-Fold markets are designed to generate open, versatile and contemporary surroundings at home and work. Their unique pop-out T-handle prevents projections that would otherwise prevent panels from being stacked close together.

They come with different low-threshold options to accommodate variances in floor-levels- and to reduce or eliminate the need for a step. All doors can be coloured with any one of the 5,000 in the RAL range, making it easy to match your doors with existing furnishings. There are further options for integrated blinds, control glass, self-cleaning glass and solar glass.

The Key Designs

  • Colour-matched handles and hinges are optional
  • Integral electronic blinds are optional
  • Internal beading
  • Low threshold option for easy access
  • Narrow sight-lines to maximise light infiltration
  • Panels that stack outside or inside, to the right or left, on both sides or just one
  • Smooth and consistent operation
  • Softline and square sashes are optional
  • Square and chamfered beading are optional
  • Stainless steel roller wheels
  • Unique pop-up handles to facilitate optimum opening and stacking

Connecting Customers with Installers

We connect domestic customers to approved local installers. This secures for them a capable, safe and economic service.

Bedford Bi-Folds has a network of approved installers, each of whom is proven to be capable of fitting our products to the standards we set. Thus they benefit from not only good prices for the products themselves but good prices for the installation service too. Customers contract directly with these installers. So there are no middle-men!

Using approved installers protects the manufacturer’s guarantee. But there is a FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) guarantee for the installation too. (FENSA underpins building regulations, and warns of windows that with no FENSA certificate there is no guarantee.) Customers save ca 25%, this way, on our doors if fitted by our approved installers.

Designed for Security – And Certified as Such

All of our aluminium bi-folding doors comply with the requirements of the Official Police Security Initiative (OPSI)

Our systems meet and often exceed the requisite level of security.

Suppling both retail & Trade Customers

Bedford Bi-Folds supplies trade customers with high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors.

Those products are on a supply-only basis, with trade customers being our biggest clients. Because of this we’re very conscious that they must have their orders delivered on-time and at exceptionally-competitive prices.

Feel free to call us and tell us what you need.

Intrinsically Safe


Our homes are our castles. They need to facilitate safety and security, around the clock, for everyone – not just children, single occupancy and the elderly.

Bedford Bi-Folds products boast a raft of safety features that include:

  • Double-finger safe gaskets to avoid trapped fingers
  • Easy-access disabled-threshold option
  • Anti-slam magnets

Effortlessly-Smooth Operation


The doors supplied by Bedford Bi-Folds run on four-wheel bogies which glide along stainless-steel grooves. They are not only safe and stable but designed to last, with minimal maintenance, for decades.

The nature of these doors means that they provide the requisite security yet are easily operated in order to allow access and egress. That minimalist barrier makes going to and from the home and garden a joy.

Bedford Bi-Folds - Versatile Solutions


Bedford Bi-Folds doors can replace entire walls to capitalise on space. Or, where space is not at a premium, they can be utilised to let residents enjoy it.

They are supplied in several designs and styles with stackable panels that can be located wherever purchasers want them as long as it’s practicable. Our designers will help you to realise your ideas, developing made-to-measure customised solutions.

A Great Colour Palette


There are up to 5,000 RAL colours available. RAL colours are essentially standardised so that they can be matched by different suppliers of soft furnishings, paints and more. It should be easy to match purchases from Bedford Bi-Folds! But be aware that colours viewed online can be different in shade and tone, for a variety of reasons, to these standard colours.

See our guide. Our standard colours include:RAL 7016 – Anthracite Grey/ RAL 9910 – High Gloss Hipca White /RAL 9005 – Jet Black – These here colours are all standard so there’s no charge for any of them. But other RAL colours attract a £240 colour supplement charge. And there is necessarily a delay on delivery of custom solutions.

If you want twin-colour doors (e.g. white inside but grey outside) then this customisation attracts a further £480 supplementary charge. Again there is necessarily a delay on delivery of custom solutions.


Flush or raised thresholds

Our bi-fold doors provide a contemporary and minimalist barrier between home and garden, between the wildness outdoors and the climate-controlled environment inside. 

They are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with prevailing standards and expectations. Yet part of what Bedford Bi-Folds does is catering for individuals as well as for commonly-held needs.

With that in mind we offer two different threshold options for internal use since neither is weather-proof, namely:

A low-level 32mm-high option

An ultra-low-level 22mm-high option

Both of these enable fitters to optimise the levels which each of your bi-folds straddle.

Ask your fitter for more information on the options available

Expert Workmanship that Will Last


Bedford Bi-Folds supplies windows and doors that are hand-finished by craftsmen in a dedicated factory where total quality management is practised. So every product will look good and perform well for many years.

As a consequence of the confidence that you should have in the products we market, there is a no-quibble 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.