Award-Winning Integral Blinds By Morley Glass

We are pleased to offer further integral blind product ranges from Morley Glass, the UK’s No1 manufacturer of ScreenLine® blinds. Their continued recognition and award-winning nominations from peers in the industry at the National Fenestration Awards 2021 is reassuring for our customers. Knowing they are buying a product of quality, one that fabricators and installers choose to use and place their own trust in. Precision engineering and long-term reliability as all products have been tested to function beautifully as long as they are needed.

Since our partnership began 6 years ago we have seen an increase in requests for integral blinds. Offering them as standard through our Bifold door designer. They’re designed to offer sleek clean lines in your home when privacy and shade are needed. The W Smart Blind System and the SV Blind Control System offer this at the ‘touch of a button’ (remote or manual). For a more traditional integral blind solution, we have the C Blind Control System for manual operation.

All blinds are manufactured within the glass and sealed in with a warm edge as standard. Integrating blinds within the unit removes the requirement for obtrusive wall-mounted blinds that hide your stylish doors or windows when closed. Leaving you more space within your home and clean lines that are easier to maintain.

Morley Glass Demonstration Pod In Our Showroom

Bedford Bi-folds are offering 3 control systems, from the range. These are the C-System, SV System and the W Smart System. Check out the demonstration pod video below. If you think it would suit your requirements feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment to view our integral blinds in our new showroom!

SV Integral Blind Control System

The SV Blind system from Morley Glass & Glazing is a manually operated sliding Venetian blind. It features a single, cleverly designed magnetic slider, which is placed on a narrow slide guide on the right or left-hand edge of the unit. This narrow adhesive transparent profile ensures it glides smoothly in a linear movement. This cordless slider controls the whole operation, raising, lowering and tilting with ease.

The blind is encapsulated within the two glass panes of a double-glazed unit and sealed in between warm edge spacers that are thermal efficiency optimised.

W Smart Integral Solar Powered System

The W Smart system with ScreenLine® inside is a battery-operated, motorised blind system.

With this system, a Venetian or pleated blind encapsulated within a double-glazed unit can be raised or lowered via a control device attached to the window or by remote control.

The system operates with standard, long-life rechargeable batteries and is equipped with a cleverly designed battery charger, which makes the system particularly suitable for residential and commercial environments.

Corded Integral Blind Control System

The Corded (C System) Uni-Blind is a patented magnetic system enabling the manual operation of Venetian blinds incorporated within the 20, 22, 27 or 29mm cavity of insulating glass units.

With this system, the slat raising, lowering and tilting function is achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass, thereby guaranteeing the double-glazed unit’s hermetic seal.