As one of the more modern styles of rear entrance options, bi-fold doors are commonly thought of as a solution for 21st-century homes. However, heritage bi-fold doors are named as such because they also cater to older styles of UK property too, maintaining slim sightlines and perfectly sized openings to suit every homeowner’s needs. If you’ve been left wondering about what sizes heritage bi-fold doors come in, let us put your mind to rest. 

AluK Bi-fold doors exterior shot with wood panellingWhat is the smallest opening for heritage bi-fold doors?

The heritage bi-fold doors we install offer a minimum width of 1000mm. That’s an incredibly small opening when compared to other supposedly “small” opening options for other bi-fold door systems, which tend to offer a minimum of 1400mm. This makes it easy for us to install a high-performing set of heritage bi-fold doors in almost any sized aperture.  

The small opening offered by our selection of heritage bi-folding doors works in tandem with an incredibly high level of energy efficiency. In addition to the latest specification high-performance glazing, or heritage doors also feature an integrated polyamide thermal break. This means our aluminium doors have excellent U-values and heat has an even tougher time escaping the home. You’ll find that this improved thermal performance means your energy bills will be reduced, and the space where your heritage bi-folds are installed is warmer, regardless of the opening size required. 

Heritage bi-fold doors are equipped with high-security multi-point locking systems that include hook locks and high-security shoot bolts. Superior locking cylinders are also included as standard for added peace of mind.  

Slim heritage bi-fold door profiles made possible by Visofold 6000

Part of the reason why we at Bedford Bi-folds are able to such small openings with our bi-folds is due to the aluminium system we use. Smarts Heritage Visofold 6000 has been purposely designed to keep everything as slim as possible – and that includes sightlines. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable opening, but also large influxes of natural light. 

The slim profiles offered by Visofold 6000 also let you maximise the amount of open space available, further helping to blur the line between your inside and outdoor space. What’s more, every heritage bi-fold door has the option of either recessed thresholds for unimpeded, easy access. Simply put, our heritage bi-fold doors can come in a range of sizes, but all of them never sacrifice the completely slim look necessary to compliment all styles of home. 

Heritage bifold doors that enhance the home – and then some

Our heritage bi-fold doors are designed to exceed the building regulations requirements. These doors have excellent U-values and intermediate locking handles for added security. The high-quality stainless steel bogie wheel assemblies mounted on a stainless steel track ensure smooth and consistent ease of operation. Moreover, the bogie wheels are sunk into the frame, giving it a neat finish. These doors are fully weatherproofed, with strong seals around the frame ensuring that your home stays comfortable all year round. 

But our heritage bi-fold doors don’t just enhance your home from the outside – they add a touch of elegance to your interior too. With a range of colours and finishes available, you can choose bespoke designs to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic. And with low maintenance required, these doors provide a durable and long-lasting solution that will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. 

Invest in quality heritage bi-fold doors from Bedford Bi-folds

At Bedford Bi-folds, we’re passionate about providing our customers with high-quality heritage bi-fold doors that enhance their homes. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your new doors not only meet but exceed your expectations. With a focus on excellent customer service, we’re committed to providing a stress-free and seamless experience from start to finish. 

So, whether you’re looking to maximise your indoor-outdoor living space or simply add a touch of elegance to your home’s interior, our range of heritage bi-fold doors are the perfect solution. Invest in quality and durability with Bedford Bi-folds, and experience the true beauty of seamless integration between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our heritage bi-fold doors not only provide added security and weatherproofing, but also offer a bespoke and elegant design that will enhance the aesthetic of any home. Trust in our team of experts to provide you with exceptional customer service and a stress-free experience from start to finish. Choose Bedford Bi-folds for your next home improvement project and enjoy the beauty and functionality of our high-quality heritage bi-fold doors for years to come. 

If you’d like to talk more about why a slim set of heritage bifold doors installed by our team are a great choice for any style of home, feel free to get in touch. Simply email us and we’ll get back to you with a free quote. The sooner we get your message, the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits heritage bifold doors bring.