The popularity of the bifold door has shot skywards in recent years, prompted by social media images of glamorous terrace parties in places like Beverley Hills or Dubai – and perhaps by a couple of half-decent British summers that haven’t constantly been accompanied by umbrellas.

Whatever the reason, the bifold door is here to stay. With its slim profile and ability to allow generous amounts of light through its panels, the bifold is the lightweight yet thermally efficient 21st century equivalent of the evergreen patio door.

slimline sliding patio doors

The versatility of the bifold door is another key to its success. Bifold doors of the kind Bedford Bifolds supply are made from a series of panels that fold against a wall, concertina-style. The bifold opens completely, removing the ‘wall’ between inside and outside, making it the perfect choice for seamless indoor-outdoor living. The door closes completely, allowing in the maximum amount of light while protecting the room from the elements.

One of our most popular brands is the slimline Cortizo aluminium bifold door. These are designed to the highest possible specification, providing a very high level of performance lasting many years. In addition, Cortizo doors are comprehensively tested in one of Europe’s leading testing centres, focusing on practicality and easy access, giving you the customer complete peace of mind.

Our Cortizo bifold doors are available in configurations of up to 14 sashes. There is the option of having even or odd numbers, giving you the flexibility to go as bespoke as you like. These doors allow for superb, panoramic views and natural light, opening up any room they occupy. Even when closed, Cortizo bifolds will make your room feel like it extends right into your garden.

Cortizo aluminium sliding doors

The aluminium profiles are exceptionally slim (they have 120mm mullions, allowing for more glass and less frame) but they have incredible energy efficiency and weather resistance. Our tripled-glazed version has U-values of just 1.1 W/(m²K). A U-value is a way of measuring ‘thermal transmittance’, i.e. how easily heat gets through windows and doors. The lower the U-value, the better the performance of the window, resulting in lower energy bills.

Because of the expanse of the glass panels, customers often ask about security. The perception seems to be that they might be easy to break into; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Our durable Cortizo aluminium doors have a built-in, high-security PAS24 standard locking mechanism which will deter even the most determined of intruders.

Large wide bi-fold door inside living room

You might wonder whether bifold doors will suit your property. Fear not – Cortizo bifold doors are an excellent choice in terms of colour options and finishes. The range includes bicolour systems, wood effect powder coating and even colour powder coating in mottled finishes. There really is something for everyone here.

As the winter recedes we’re all looking forward to more natural light, and what better way to bring a huge amount of it into your life that invest in Cortizo bifold doors? As a family firm which supplies top-quality products, we strive for ever higher levels of craftsmanship, expertise and customer service. To find out more, contact us here or give us a call on 01234 674513.