When we think of Victorian houses we tend to think of wooden-framed windows, usually of the sash or casement variety, that give the standard 19th century property its distinctive look.

However, there is another option when it comes to windows in houses of this era – steel. Unlikely as it seems, steel became a popular material for windows in the late 19th and early 20th century, really coming into its own during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s.

Much of this was driven by the success of the Essex-based Crittall company. Established in 1849, the company began manufacturing steel windows when Francis Henry Crittall took over the business from his brother in 1884. In 1909 the company created the fenestra joint which, because of its strength, allowed slimmer glazing bars and therefore more light to shine through windows. Even today, super-slim glazing bars are still in vogue.

Crittall is still making steel windows in Essex, more than 180 years later. Its global brand is associated with superb quality, outstanding design aesthetics and a long-established reputation for excellence customer service.

Crittall windows in your Victorian home

Here at Bedford Bifolds, we also pride ourselves on top-quality products and great customer service, which is why we’re delighted to stock Crittalls products. The question is – how will they look in your Victorian home?

That depends on what kind of property you live in. Such windows might not suit the overall look of the standard Victorian terrace, but if you happen to live in a 19th century converted warehouse or an early Arts and Crafts era property, steel windows will really enhance your space and add more than a touch of authenticity. Associated with the quest to obtain more light in an era where electricity in the home was in its infancy, today’s Crittall products have higher energy-saving accreditations, advanced performance and enhanced security with optional multi-point locking systems.

If you do own a typical Victorian terrace or semi and don’t want to change the classic ‘wooden-window’ look (even if your windows are actually wood-effect uPVC!) there is another way of employing Crittall products – that is, internally.

The company produces internal fixed screens and doors designed to transfer maximum levels of interior light with their minimalist profiles. The screens are particularly suitable for partitioning kitchens, dining rooms, home offices and lounges, as multiple glazing options reduce noise and ensure privacy.

Crittall windows are a great British product that provide more than a dash of period style and elegance, along with technological capabilities that are very much 21st century. As a company, we supply and install cutting-edge home improvements in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and Cambridgeshire.

Our products consistently exceed the strict build quality and service levels demanded by consumers and the industry. For more information, and to find out more about everything we do as a company, contact us here or give us a call on 01234 342669.