With a nod to the past and a focus on the future, flush sash windows are a perfect solution for homeowners looking to combine traditional aesthetics with modern performance.

With historical design elements such as slim sightlines and a sash that sits flush to the frame, this window style is commonly seen in homes across Bedford and the surrounding areas.

But what makes the flush sash style so popular? What are the advantages of choosing a flush sash window for your Bedford home?

What are flush sash windows and how are they different from other styles?

This window style contains a sash that sits flush within the outer frame, providing a sleek and seamless appearance.

The main difference between this style and similar casement style windows is that they do not have an overlapping sash or protruding frame. This adds a touch of elegance and a minimalist look to the external face of the window while also offering heritage aesthetics that blend in beautifully with historic homes.

exterior shot of flush sash windows

Sought-after aesthetics

There are a variety of reasons to choose this window style, but the aesthetics of flush sash styles are undoubtedly what draws in many homeowners.

While modern timber window replacements can command extremely high prices, modern materials can also be made to look like traditional timber by applying woodgrain finishes, allowing homeowners to enjoy the aesthetics of timber windows without the ongoing maintenance requirements. Aluminium and uPVC windows offer a more affordable option for homeowners looking for classic slim sightlines and heritage style.

Not just for heritage homes

While this window style is a great option for homeowners living in conservation areas or within historic homes, they aren’t just for older properties.

Flush sash windows are popular in Bedford’s older properties, as their timeless charm perfectly complements heritage homes. This window style, however, works well in a variety of settings and is perfect for adding character to modern buildings and contemporary homes.

Excellent security features for peace of mind

Our flush sash windows don’t just offer a flawless flush finish – they’re incredibly secure too. Because the sash sits flush with the frame, there are fewer potential weak points for an intruder to exploit. Our windows all come complete with multipoint locking systems and high quality hardware to provide homeowners with complete peace of mind.

Thermally efficient flush sash windows

Thanks to the thermal properties of modern uPVC and aluminium windows, our flush sash windows offer the excellent thermal efficiency of a modern window combined with a traditional design.

Excellent at keeping cold air at bay during the winter months, uPVC and aluminium flush sash windows contain thermal break technology and efficient double glazing – this can lower energy bills and heating costs, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run!

Aluminium or uPVC flush sash windows in Bedford and the surrounding areas

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