Bi-fold doors are a beautiful addition to the home anyway, but some UK homeowners in recent years have gravitated towards corner bi-fold doors due to the unique benefits they bring. If you’re someone looking to open up the back of your home or further find a way to blur the line between inside and outside living spaces, we at Bedford Bi-folds are ready to explain how they work – as well as why they might be right for you.  

Can you put bi-fold doors on a corner?

Available in a range of panel configurations and opening options, corner bi-fold doors work much in the same way as regular bi-folds, except they are able to make the most of a space you previously wouldn’t associate with a door or window – the corner.  

Fully customisable and tailored to your specific needs, corner bi-folds make use of a floating corner post connected to the panels that slide back and forth as needed. Unlike a fixed corner post, this creates an open corner when the doors are opened, but provides a secure fixing point when the doors are closed.  

Being engineered in inherently strong aluminium means corner bi-fold door frames can withstand large amounts of glazing, reducing sightlines to an absolute minimum to provide an uninterrupted view. Once you decide on a number of factors – such as opening style, number of panels, and using a traffic or lead door – then the corner bi-fold benefits can begin.  

Hi-Finity corner sliding doorsCorner bi-folding doors help reflect light into the home from all directions

Because with a corner door, glazing will be installed in a minimum of two different walls rather than the standard single wall, your home will be drenched in natural light from multiple directions. If ever you’ve struggled to make a certain area of the home feel welcoming, it will be instantly revitalised thanks to the swarm of natural light able to penetrate the space.  

A new angle, the same smooth opening function

Just because your bi-fold doors can be installed to turn the corner, doesn’t mean you need to suffer from staggered movement or more effortful function. Each aluminium panel will glide neatly along sunken tracks, folding or sliding as you’ve chosen to open up the space and provide a seamless transition between your home and garden like never before. They can be manufactured to suit internal or external needs, too, so how they work truly is up to you.  

exterior shot of home with corner sliding doorOpen up your space with corner bi-fold doors from Bedford Bi-folds

If you think a beautiful set of bi-fold doors would suit you and your home’s needs, we’d happily provide you with a free quote to get your dream home improvement project underway. Simply contact us using the online form and we’ll soon be in touch, or visit our showroom in Bedfordshire to see our range of high-quality products for yourself.