When it comes to home renovation or construction, windows are a crucial element in the overall design and functionality. One type of window that has gained popularity over the years is the casement window. But what exactly is a casement window? In this ultimate guide, we will provide an overview of casement windows, including their features and benefits. We will also explore why installing a casement window in your home can not only enhance its aesthetics but also improve energy efficiency and security. Keep reading to learn more about how this type of window can be a game-changer for your home.

Overview of Casement Windows:

Out of all the window styles, casement windows are the most contemporary and easy to operate. The casement window type functions similarly to a door as it is hinged to the sash for it to swing either inward or outward with the aid of a mechanical crank. When the sash is fully open, a tensioning device holds the sash firmly in place. When the sash is closed, a latch on the interior of the house pulls the sash tight against the window frame’s weatherstripping. This mechanical advantage means that the casement window currently exists as the only type of window available on the market that fully opens – marking the style as a leading option for many homeowners. Not only does it open the home to wider and brighter possibilities, but it opens to a variety of features and benefits too.

A Brief History of the Casement Window

The style has stood the test of time and remained a popular choice for homeowners since the 18th century. Originally, casement windows were created using wrought iron and a blend of ironwork fittings, although as woodworking became easier iron was swiftly replaced using timber. Today there exists a wider family of materials and technologies used to manufacture the window type that provide consumers with a diverse range of options and opportunities.

What We Offer

At Bedford Bi-folds, we offer our customers the choice of casement windows installed with premium aluminium frames. All our options are highly secure, energy-efficient, virtually maintenance free and work to streamline a variety of settings across Bedfordshire and beyond. Our casement window suppliers, Cortizo and Reynaers, offer both stylistic and innovative products that work to meet the needs of modern UK households. Whereas Cortizo uses progressive aluminium technology that helps combine the sleek aesthetics of classic square timber, Reynaers adopts a more contemporary approach in their use of aluminium designs.

Both suppliers offer low U-values of 1.0 W/(m²K) thanks to their use of triple glazing, provide side hung and top hung opening possibilities, a symmetrical flush-faced design options and a variety of sash dimensions. As such, homeowners can rest easy in the knowledge that their choice of casement window affords them the luxury of reassurance when it comes to thermal efficiency, style, and security. We don’t only select the top suppliers, but work to provide a comprehensive installation service too.

close up exterior shot of brown casement window

An Understanding of Materials

Up until recently, uPVC and timber were the top material contenders for casement window types. Whilst both materials have a diverse range of positive attributes, it would be dismissive to not acknowledge how the materials are fraught with issues of sustainability and certain structural weaknesses that occur over time. Aluminium on the other hand stands as the most sustainable casement window material choice. Historically, aluminium offered poor insulation, but modern technology now allows it to offer the highest available energy rating – reducing the heat demand in your home. It can be recycled indefinitely and requires far less energy to produce than uPVC window materials. If you are environmentally conscious and hope to create a sustainable home, an aluminium casement window type is your best option.

How to Maintain your Casement Window

Maintenance of aluminium windows further speaks volume to its positive attributes as it is both quick, easy and cheap! The durability of aluminium, combined with its UV-resistant coating makes such window type extremely easy to maintain. Cleaning your aluminium windows is a simple task that only requires soapy water, therefore no need to be splashing out on expensive cleaning equipment! If done a handful of times throughout the year, correct functioning and lifespan of your window is assured.

Choosing the Right Casement Window

At Bedford Bi-folds, we have a wide variety of colour, finishes, and glazing options that allow homeowners to craft their dream property improvements with ease. From classic white casement windows, sophisticated black casement or more vibrant colour schemes, customers are freely able to select their own design with the knowing that they are not going to have to compromise on the efficacy of the window style as a result. View our brochure to take a look at some of our most popular design choices or drop into our showroom to see them for yourself!

Discovering the perfect casement window for your home is easy. Simply complete our contact form to book an appointment and receive a free quote, or call us on 01234 342669.