Did you know there’s more than one way to operate a patio door? It’s true. For the majority of UK homes the traditional sliding patio door won’t be beaten, but for those extra special properties looking to add the ‘wow’ factor, the new range Cortizo COR Vision and COR Vision Plus sliding doors available from Bedford Bi-folds can add that bit of magic homeowners are looking for.

The latest ranges of premium quality COR Vision sliding doors can be configured as regular sliding doors, or they can be arranged as open corner arrangements, or pocket sliding doors.

But what is a pocket door? And will it work for your home? Let’s take a closer look and find out…

What is a pocket sliding door?

Pocket doors are similar to bi-folds or sliding doors in that they slide on a track to fully open up your home to the outdoor beauty. Whereas sliding doors overlap on one another, a pocket door neatly disappears into a hidden wall cavity whenever the door is opened to create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces

As a result, your home’s inside and outside living spaces are instantly blurred like never before as a result. Pocket doors give the impression of a much larger space by maximising natural light entry and removing sight lines (however slim or minimalist) entirely. Especially when combined with an open corner, you’ll have total control over both sides of the space and won’t have to worry about the exposed panels of your patio doors ever getting in the way.

What benefits do pocket doors bring over a traditional sliding door?

The main benefit of a sliding pocket door system is that the glazed panels completely disappear when the door is opened. With the more conventional choice, you’re able to open up the space – but only to a point. Let’s say your sliding patio door setup consists of six panels, without a wall cavity to accept all the doors, one will always be left on display when open. Most homeowners don’t mind this, but quickly come to appreciate the disappearing effect a pocket patio door can bring.

  • Removes all sightlines and frames entirely
  • Can be used to create an open corner
  • Neatly hides away, blurring both types of living space
  • Gives the impression of open plan living
  • Available in multiple configurations
  • Energy-efficient, durable, and low maintenance

Why are pocket doors not more popular?

Pocket doors are a great space-saving option that can provide easy access to an area while not taking up any space when open. However, they do require more extensive installation than traditional sliding doors, as there needs to be enough room in the wall for the door to slide into. When used in an open corner arrangement, load-bearing steel reinforcing cantilevers will also need to be installed to support the weight above the door.

This may not be feasible or cost-effective for all homes – it is often best to include these types of doors in the planning stages of a new construction or extension rather than retro-fitting to an existing build, although it’s not impossible to retro-fit pocket sliding doors. Additionally, pocket door hardware can be more difficult to repair or replace if something goes wrong. Finally, some people simply prefer the look and feel of traditional doors. For these reasons, pocket doors have not become as popular with UK homeowners as other door types, despite their many advantages.

interior shot of dining room with large sliding doors looking out to garden

Which is the better choice for the back of my home?

It really all depends on the type of property you live in and what you want to achieve from the doors. If you’re someone that wants to truly open up the back of your home, opting for a pocket door over the conventional sliding patio door setup can work wonders. The only thing to bear in mind with pocket doors is that they require a lot more planning. So if you know for a fact that a pocket door is for you, make plans as early as possible. Getting your required number of glazed panels to open into the cavity wall is a larger effort, but worth it for the amazing results.

Revitalise the back of your home with pocket doors from Bedford Bi-folds

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