We here at Bedford Bifolds know a thing or two about sliding doors. That’s why, whenever prospective customers ask us for the sleekest, most premium looking and functioning sliding doors currently on the market, we’re quick to recommend panels featured in the COR Vision range. Problem is, within the COR Vision family there are two different options: Standard and Plus. Both are excellent at offering slim sightlines and clear views, but what’s the difference? That’s what we’re here to explain.

First off, what exactly is COR Vision?

Before delving into the specifics, we think it’s worth covering what exactly the COR Vision brand of sliding doors aims to achieve. Engineered using stylish and strong aluminium profile, COR Vision panels have been specifically designed with striking the perfect balance between being thermal efficient and incredibly sleek. This means warmth in the home never need come at the cost of generous outside views. Simply put, when compared to a traditional set of patio doors, COR Vision allows the modern homeowner to enjoy an equally modern solution.

COR Vision Sliding Doors – what the standard solution offers

The standard version of COR Vision Sliding Doors have been designed to achieve maximum light, generous views, and ultra-slim sightlines all at once. Constructed using 20mm interlock aluminium profile, it delivers far superior form and function when compared to classic “open-out” patio doors and can be installed in any configuration ranging between 2-6 sliding sashes. This spans a width of up to 4 metres, letting you enjoy unrivalled views of your outside space and garden while spoiling the home with natural light.

As well as beautiful, uninterrupted views, standard COR Vision Sliding Doors achieve an impressive level of thermal efficiency when double glazed. U-values as low as 1.3 W/(m²K) can be easily accomplished, helping the back of your home stay warm and cosy despite the lines between inside and outside being blurred. Finally, as if this wasn’t enough, standard panels offer excellent air, water, and wind resistance all year round, so if you live in an area prone to harsh weather, you can rest easy knowing that your COR Vision Sliding Doors will continue looking sleek and performing well.

interior shot of modern lounge with black sliding doors looking out to garden

COR Vision Sliding Plus Doors – already great glazing gets better

If you want to maximise the benefit a wholly modern aluminium sliding door solution can bring, then the appropriately named COR Vision Sliding Plus Doors are for you. Much like the standard variant the “plus” option benefits from reduced sightlines and sleek function, but panels boast an impressive 94% glass surface area in between the profile. Not only does this offer homeowners the impression of a wider, almost 4D-like effect on outside views; the frame being stronger means it can accommodate thermally efficient triple glazing when necessary, with U-values of just 1.1 W/(m²K).

COR Vision Sliding Plus Doors can fit into a slightly larger aperture thanks to each sash being wider, taller, and touting a greater weight capacity compared to the standard option. That means if you live in a home with a particularly large back wall, you’re more than likely covered thanks to the perks Plus panels bring. The last big benefit introduced by COR Vision Sliding Plus Doors is the option to incorporate an automatic sliding mechanism for new builds. This renders it easier to use than the manually controlled COR Vision Sliding Doors.

COR Vision Sliding Plus

COR Vision Sliding Doors vs COR Vision Plus – The technical differences broken down

To see the pure-and-simple differences between the two available COR Vision Sliding Doors options, we’ve broken down the technical details below. Use this to determine whether you think your home would benefit from the slight benefits the Plus version introduces.

Sightlines No. sashes U-values Max eight Function Glazing
Standard 20mm 2-6 1.3 W/(m²K). 400Kg Manual Double
Plus 25mm 2-6 1.1 W/(m²K). 700kg Automatic Triple



Upgrade the back of your home with COR Vision panels from Bedford Bifolds

If you want to truly enjoy the back of your home, blur the line between inside and outside living spaces, and experience seamless function, when it comes to sliding aluminium doors, the two COR Vision variants are a modern and ideal solution. If you would like to discuss the benefits further with a member of our team or further determine whether the standard or Plus option would be best for you, contact us today for a free quote via the online form.