Are you building a home from scratch or investing in a new home extension? But you don’t want bi-folding doors, what are your door options? Alternatives to bi-folding doors include sliding glass doors, lift and slide doors, pivot doors and even the COR Vision Sliding Doors and Vision Plus Sliding doors.

You can still create a stunning home statement with other door types showcasing your home and garden all year round with gorgeous open doors in summer and bright, light-filled interiors on winter days while your thermally efficient doors are closed.

This blog post will give you various, available, and reliable alternatives to bi-folding doors.


Are sliding doors a good idea?

Yes! Sliding doors are practical and efficient if you have a large doorway in your home or office. Sliding glass doors make great use of space and can make a room feel much bigger than it really is. Sliding doors have no swinging parts to the door, and the installation method doesn’t require a lot of space. You are getting a much better door in many instances by installing sliding doors, and you can use more of your floor space.

Glass sliding doors can suit any room perfectly and avoid the feeling of homes being cramped. Sliding doors can open up home spaces as the glass is transparent, and you can easily separate different areas of your home without feeling sections are entirely walled off. Any home can look luxurious with glass sliding doors installed.

Sliding glass doors are perfect if your home feels dark, as the light will flood living room areas. Furthermore, sliding doors are an eco-friendly home decision as they’re manufactured from metal, glass, and other recyclable materials.

Sliding doors in bedroom

Are lift and slide doors worth it?

Lift and slide doors are ideal for anyone who wants to tackle a very wide and tall entranceway and turn it into a sliding viewpoint for maximum natural light.

These doors’ lift and slide mechanisms are contained within the door panel and is operated by a large handle, which, when turned 180 degrees will ‘lift’ the door up. This lifted position takes the direct weight off the rollers, making them all but effortless to slide, no matter how big and heavy the glass is.

Unlike sliding doors, this ‘lift and slide’ function allows you to lock the doors in an open position, which is ideal if you like to host large gatherings or have children playing in and around the doors or want the lift and slide doors secured in place to freshen the room.

You can combine a lift and slide door with slim sightlines for clearer outdoor views. We offer multiple door configurations and sightlines as thin as 45mm.

Lift and Slide Doors

What are the advantages of a pivot door?

Pivot doors look great, and there’s no denying it, a pivot door undoubtedly looks stunning and expensive. If your home is very modern in style, a pivot door will only enhance your home’s style further. Pivot doors have a unique aesthetic that can add the wow factor to the right room and offer absolute stability, as the support of the pivot is at the base of the door frame and gives the door a strength you can’t find in most standard side-hanging doors. Pivot doors are a heavier model, but the pivot is strengthened to consider this.

Pivot doors are convenient as they are the only doors on the market that do not require a proper frame installation. Because the door pivots rather than swinging, opening and closing it is much easier.

COR Vision Sliding Doors and COR Vision Plus Sliding Doors

The Cortizo Cor-Vision sliding system is an avant-garde sliding door design. Its slim frames allow maximum light in with minimal visible sections of aluminium. With Cortizo Cor-Vision plus sliding patio doors, you can get up to 94% of an opening covered with glass. Vision sliding doors and the plus both offer ultra-slim sightlines, exceptional thermal performance with pocket and open corner arrangements available.

Cortizo is known across Europe and even internationally for its quality and reliability. Their Cor-Vision sliding doors are no exception, at the forefront of the latest technology for glass patio doors.

If you want to upgrade the look of a traditional home or add the finishing touch to a modern extension or new build, Cortizo sliding doors can be a perfect choice.

Cortizo Cor Vision sliding doors

Bifold door alternatives in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Northampton and beyond

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